The iOX Hydroxyl Generator is an environmentally friendly technology that eliminates odors, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and VOC's from the air and on surfaces.

iOX Hydroxyl Generators and pet odors

The Hydroxyls destroy odor molecules in the air and on surfaces by breaking the bonds of the molecule and taking one or more molecules from the pollutant, such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, etc.
Hydroxyls eliminate the smell from the air and from surfaces. If the smell is absorbed by a fabric, make sure to expose the fabric to the Hydroxyls.
If the odor is located in a residential/commercial setting, always remove the air filter and set the HVAC system in "FAN on" to increase the air movement as well as to allow the Hydroxyls to work on sanitizing the HVAC unit and the duct system.
For pet urine embedded in the carpet, please clean the carpet before. The Hydroxyls will take care of the urine in the fiber and under the carpet if left on the spot sufficient time. The source of pet urine odor may be difficult to destroy since it may be in the pad under the carpet.
At the same time, the odor will come back if the pet goes back to the cleaned area and urinates again.
For this application, a permanent installation is recommended to constantly neutralize the odor in the air as it is been created.

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