The iOX Hydroxyl Generator is an environmentally friendly technology that eliminates odors, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and VOC's from the air and on surfaces.

Types of Hydroxyl Generators

Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Hydroxyl Generator
This technology is very effective at eliminating pollutants in the air. The Hydroxyls are produced by the interaction between a targeted frequency UV rays, Titanium Oxide (TiO2), and the humidity in the air.
This technology usually has a very strong fan to force the air through the unit and U-bent lights to increase exposed surfaces. 

This technology is only efficient at eliminating pollutants in the air. Similarly to an air filter, the pollutants forced through the unit are eliminated; however, pollutants on surfaces are unharmed.

Advanced Hydroxyl Generators
This technology produces Hydroxyls by the interaction between UV rays, quad-metallic cage or chamber (depending on the manufacturer), and the humidity in the air. These Hydroxyls are injected into the treated space to perform an aggressive air and surface sanitization.

Since the Hydroxyls are created and injected to the treated space, the air does not have to go through the unit to be sanitized. Unlike PCO technology, a unit can be placed in an adjacent area with a hose directing the Hydroxyls to a specific space to effectively treat air and surfaces. Both brands of Advanced Hydroxyl Generators have applications where Hydroxyls are injected to an adjacent area with excellent results.

The large industrial units containing multiple large cells and in some installations may surpass the EPA maximum level of 0.05 ppm of O3 measured at output point.