The iOX Hydroxyl Generator is an environmentally friendly technology that eliminates odors, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and VOC's from the air and on surfaces.

Where to place an iOX Hydroxyl Generator?

The layout of the area and the intensity of the pollutant play a key role on the placement of the unit. If we are looking to treat an area similar to a hotel room, it is recommended to place the unit on the opposite end of the HVAC wall unit. By just turning on the HVAC fan, the air movement will increase the effectiveness of the iOX Hydroxyl Generator. Also, with the HVAC unit on, the Hydroxyls will destroy pollutants inside the HVAC unit and ducts.

On a residential and light commercial setting, it is important to increase the air flow by adding air movers and air scrubbers. Always place the unit in the worse area in combination with air movers and/or air scrubbers. If multiple units are placed, place the units on opposite ends and increase the air flow to increase the effectiveness of the units.

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